established in 2003

Lets Just say that 2003 was a a mixed bag. It was definitely a good year as that was when the business was founded and this journey began. BUt it began with a bit of bad news. I was working as a project manager for an established high end re modeler when I was suddenly told that I was being laid off because the next project had been canceled. You see this was right as the DOT Com bust was occurring and the clients were a bit scared to spend their money on new homes and fancy remodel until they knew things would be OK. My wife and I had just had a baby 6 month prior and bought our first house shortly before that, so this was scary news. But the inspiration to figure something out was high as was my desire to build something for myself . I got down to work and flurry of phone calls to all manner of potential clients as well as architects I thought might have work, Hurst Construction was born.

Now I grew up the the only son of and artist and an academic., not the calling card of a future builder. But my parents divorced at a young age and I grew up with my ever resourceful artist Mother. She taught me to be self reliant, creative and adventurous. All things I would later need. I made it through the high school years and realized that these skills might work for me as an architect, so I enrolled at the university of Kansas School of Architecture an graduated 4 years Later in 1993 a little older and a little more design savvy but still unsure about my direction. I always loved the act of making things and college did not offer much in the way of hands on buildig back then so I decided to try my hads a various trades. this means that I painted houses until I could secure a spot on the construction crew that one of my professors ran out side of His Teaching . Dan Rockhill was the only professor that i knew that not only loved design but also loved building. I worked happily on his crew for a few years, working on numerous project with him and enjoying the learning process inate in working with your hands.

We look forward to being part of your adventure

Ian Hurst